Games for companies

Games as an advertising medium for brands, companies, retailers and more

Nothing is better suited to an advertising message than a game. Games have been a faithful companion to people since childhood. Games are cherished. They stay with people at home for a long time. The time spent playing with family, friends and relatives is one of those moments that leave a positive impression on us for a lifetime. And which we look back on fondly.

Why brands are so important

A standard pack of cards with your own logo on it? A puzzle that shows the product? Boring, loveless products achieve exactly that for the consumer: boredom. And certainly no attention. A pure waste of money on the part of the advertiser.
People want to be entertained. People want to be surprised. We combine the strengths of matching games with your brand. Your product. Your service. And get them the attention and positive association in the home environment, where it is very difficult for brands to be present.
We offer our customers an extensive portfolio of our own well-known brand games and game principles, which are suitable as customised advertising media for a wide range of companies and brands. In addition, we access a broad portfolio of “third-party brands” via our network in order to create the ideal product for our customers.

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FMCG – customised games for the fast moving consumer goods sector

The FMCG business usually involves large quantities of games that appeal to a broad clientele/target group. Our customers demand that the content of the games used should appeal to almost the entire target group in order to have the desired positive effect. Added to this are the components of sustainability (paper instead of plastic; smallest possible CO2 footprint), price and delivery times.

Tech and financial sector – customised games for
banks, insurance companies, blockchain, crypto and co.

Realising games for the tech and financial sector is not easy. After all, the challenges faced by our customers from the banking, stock exchange, fund, insurance and service provider sectors such as management consultancies, investment advisors, tech companies and agencies are quite unique.

The latest player in the financial sector is the crypto sector, which came to stay at the latest with the release of Bitcoin in 2008/09. A new ecosystem is currently forming around the revolutionary blockchain technology – which is yet to reach the mass market.

Fun, laughter, joy and humour are great, positive qualities that all people enjoy interacting with. However, these qualities are not necessarily associated with the financial sector. In fact, there are few industries that customers (in Germany) are as sceptical about as the financial sector.

It is therefore our mission to change this in the long term with suitable, customised brand games for our customers. And to use our games to place our customers’ products and services in the best possible environment = in the target group’s homes. Our customers and partners benefit in the long term from the strength of our games as an advertising medium.

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