Rage Cage

Young adults
Very high level of awareness
Licence options: Cups and other drinking vessels, balls and for games in general

About Rage Cage

Beer Pong is a thing of the past. Because the gaming phenomenon Rage Cage has taken the party scene by storm. But why is Rage Cage so incredibly popular?

Rage Cage is where the action is! The game is fast-paced and full of excitement, which means that players are in the thick of it from the start instead of just being there: pure, fast action!

Rage Cage brings people together and encourages interaction. It’s a game that makes you laugh, scream and cheer because of the action. The social dynamic that the game creates makes it an essential part of any party.

Pure adrenaline. The feeling of winning or losing at the last second makes every round an exciting experience. The unique moments created by Rage Cage will stay with players and their friends for a long time. From epic comebacks to unexpected victories.

Preparing for the game:

  • 20 cups
  • 2 ping-pong balls
  • One table
  • 6-10 players
  • Drinks

Place a cup filled with a drink of your choice in the centre of the table. This is the cup of kings. Now place the other cups around it. And fill them halfway with a drink of your choice. The players stand in a circle around the table so that everyone can reach the cups.

Rules of the game:

  • At the beginning, two players facing each other are each given a table tennis ball.
  • Take a cup, clink glasses, drink from it and place it on the table in front of them.
  • They then try to throw the ping-pong ball into it. The ball must first hit the table in front of the cup and then land in the cup.
  • If this is successful, the cup and ball are passed on in a clockwise direction. It is now the next player’s turn and they also have to hit the ball into the cup. A race ensues between the two ping-pong balls.
  • As soon as one ball has caught up with the other, the player who threw the overtaking ball into the cup places his cup in the other player’s cup. The overtaken player must now drink one of the half-full cups.
  • Then a player opposite him/her receives the second ball. Both players grab a half-full cup, toast, drink up – and the next race of the balls begins.
  • A special rule states that a player who gets the ball into the cup with the first attempt may pass the cup with the ball to any other player. Just not to the player who is in the process of trying to get the other ball into the second cup.

The aim of the game is for the Kings Cup to be the last cup to be drunk by the lucky “winner”.

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