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Brands are immensely important, especially in the party game sector. Over the past many years, a party game scene has established itself in Germany, Europe and many countries around the world, in which some games have emerged as the absolute favourites. Essentially, a distinction is made here between indoor and outdoor games.

DRINKTIVITY – The big game collection for adults

When it comes to indoor games, there are hundreds of different games that countless people have come up with. We have therefore brought together the most popular games in our DRINKTIVITY adult game collection. More than 80,000 units sold and constant sales figures show that DRINKTIVITY has established itself in a short space of time.

Beerpong is good, RAGE CAGE is better!

RAGE CAGE is probably the hottest party game for at home. Action, dynamism, skill and lots of fun are what you can expect when you play RAGE CAGE.

FLUNKYBALL – The hottest game at festivals

In the outdoor area, the most well-known and most popular game is probably: Flunkyball
Known by millions of people, played at most festivals. Skill, fun, enjoyment combined with lots of good humour, hopefully sunshine and lots of friends and acquaintances make up Flunkyball.

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