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Monopoly Cities Editions

Monopoly has been delighting young and old around the world for almost 90 years. Almost everyone is familiar with buying and bidding for Schlossallee, Opernplatz and the like. But it would be much more fun if you could buy the sights, companies, sports clubs, art and cultural institutions, etc. from your own home town. We make this possible!

Our Monopoly city editions are for everyone who is attached to their home town and/or has lost their heart to another city. From Münster and Kiel to great small towns like Emden or Paderborn, we offer numerous local Monopoly editions, with new cities being added every year.

Become part of the success story

In addition to the best-known and most popular landmarks in each city, local companies also have the opportunity to become partners and thus part of the Monopoly Edition.

Companies from all sectors, banks, service providers, sports clubs, art and cultural institutions, etc. have the unique opportunity to become part of the world-famous game. Be it on a street field (plus the property rights card), in terms of content on an event or community card, in the centre of the game board or with your own playing piece – we make it possible!

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